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exhibition management

Whether you are organising an open evening for clients, a training event for your new device, an agenda or even a conference itself, organising an event is time consuming and can be challenging. Let us help with the organisation so you can enjoy your event.

social media

We cover Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. When incorporated into  your marketing plan these can become an integral part of generating leads, and increasing brand awareness of your business

business of hair

An annual Business skills seminar for anyone involved in the Hair Restoration industry – as the hair industry grows there is a need to up-skill Hair Restoration professionals to help run their business. Presentations from experts in marketing, web design, CRMs and more.


We can help with all aspects of Administration – managing your membership, development of processes, production and distribution of newsletters, database management. Talk to us about your administration needs, we can help.


As technology has improved and the situation in the world has changed webinars have become an important aspect of business. We are proud to have helped companies launch webinar platforms and series and have been involved with the planning and execution of hundreds of hours of webinar content, and still going as you read this. We will help you choose the right correct software for you, give helpful advice and help incorporate within your social media marketing campaigns

sales consultancy

We can help in producing comprehensive sales and marketing plans, which will assist your business in planning for the future

Examples of our contracts:


The BACN/DSL relationship has developed since DSL was created.  BACN/DSL partnership started with the BACN Conference in Brighton and has developed into supporting and running the exhibition and logistical part of the conference which has gone from table top stands to 40/50 stands including shell scheme.  The partnership between DSL and BACN has helped develop the conference into the one of the best and most enjoyable organizational meetings of the year for delegates and exhibitors.


BAHRS is a group of hair restoration specialist which includes Hair Transplant surgeons, Surgical assistants, Trichologists and Scalpt Micropigmentation specialists.  The BAHRS/DSL partnership has

  • Created a two-day conference that has rave reviews and is compared to some of the top international events
  • Increased exposure to the public and aesthetic community
  • built a new, improved website
  • Increased membership
  • Created new revenue streams
  • Creation of processes within the organization

Business of Hair

With the experience gained over the last couple of years being involved in hair restoration industry, we found there was a need to support professionals in improving business skills.  We set up Business of Hair to do this in an intimate, friendly environment where professionals from different sectors of the industry can network and discuss working together.    It also gives treatment providers the opportunity to showcase products to potential customers.