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As aesthetics market has developed and changed during recent times so then has the range of treatments aesthetic practitioners can offer.  Many clinics are now focused on Combination Treatments both In-Clinic and Home Care to help to generate increase in clinic revenue while offering enhanced results for the patient.  Many companies are now looking at how to build collaborations to produce protocols and guides for practitioners to deliver these combination treatments.  But why would companies collaborate? Well, the advantages for many companies in collaborating is to generate more product awareness and share marketing and social media initiatives to a wider clinic base. So, if one clinic has one product but doesn’t have the other it enables companies to approach new clinics to encourage them to adopt the Combination Treatment Protocols and increase sales from the company perspective and from the Clinic perspective they now have a wider treatment choice for their patients. It’s not obviously as easy as this and some add on treatments to create the combination can be drastically different in price.

Being on the business side of the industry I have always seen the benefit from that point of you so I have asked some of my colleagues about what they think about combination treatments.

Claudia Mcgloin from A New Your Clinic in Ireland says “Combination treatments provides optimum results and benefits the patient hugely. These procedures are tailored to the individual need to create facial harmony and leads to longevity and patient satisfaction.

A new device with German Technology has just entered the UK market and is an example of In-Clinic Combination Treatment in itself and then when partnered with the SkinGenuity Rejuvenation Home Kit provides the clinic with true combination therapy.

The CLEOPATRA Fractional Bio-Infusion System is the ONLY device combining 3 of the latest in aesthetic treatments providing you with the benefits of multiple technologies in one device. The Cleopatra has a UNIQUE combination of 3 Synergistic Clinically Proven Technologies – Micro-abrasion, Micro-channeling and LED light therapy.


Exfoliate & Evacuate


LED Therapy

The CleoAbrasor has a unique design for controlled exfoliation and evacuation with simultaneous infusion into the skin. While the CleoFrac is a fractional Bio-Infusion head with varying needle depth to actively create micro-channels, which helps improve the infusion of the Advanced Bio-Active Serums into the skin. And finally, the LED Light (Red, Green and Blue), the application of LED Light completes the unique process to provide a spectacular result; Fresh, Firm and Radiant skin.

Cleopatra is versatile; there are many ways to use the device.  With its DUAL HANDPIECE (face and body), you may switch from Micro-Abrasion to Micro-Channeling followed by LED Light Therapy and a myriad of available Advanced Bio-Active Serums.

The versatility of the Cleopatra allows a clinic to offer several options for patients in terms of treatments and the return on investment is quickly realized by the clinic. The Cleopatra is distributed by SkinGen UK Ltd.

The use of anti-inflammatory Growth Factors in treatments both In-Clinic and at home is rapidly growing in popularity as the science of regenerative medicine is increasingly more understood.  Wigmore Medical manage the distribution of the unique SkinGenuity Growth Factor product range.  This range helps in the management of a number of skin conditions and is very effective as a home care regime following a Cleopatra Treatment.  The range also provides focused growth factors for the management of hair loss and vaginal rejuvenation.

I will leave it to internationally recognized surgeon/speaker and trainer to sum up combination treatments he states

Einstein is quoted as saying, “Combinatory play seems to be the essential feature in productive thought.”

In Aesthetics when we use combinatory treatments we can tailor the outcomes to deal with the patients multiple concerns and address multiple issues to produce a harmonious result.

If you don’t have any combination treatments in your clinic, I feel it is a must to help develop your business/clinic and take it to the next level.  Now is the time to look into these options and how you can implement them into your business model.

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